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Claims and Car Insurance San Antonio

Driving with car insurance San Antonio

You had minor accident in the San Antonio freeway and now you are contemplating filing an insurance claim. Here are a few things to consider when choosing to file or not to file an auto insurance claim. How much will an insurance claim affect the price of car insurance San Antonio? There are several considerations.

You had a small fender bender, what will happen to the rate of car insurance San Antonio?

When you are considering to file a collision claim, the first thing to consider is the seriousness of the car accident. For example, is your car drivable? If your car is safely drivable, take it to reputable body shop and get a written estimate. By the way, it is advisable that the written estimate includes the vehicles mileage and VIN to make it official. We know that keeping the cost of car insurance San Antonio low is the goal of every family. What will be the impact of a claim on your insurance price? The answer is, it depends.

If the collision is considered a not at fault accident, the car insurance San Antonio may not be impacted

First off, at fault accidents will impact the rate of insurance greater than not at fault accidents. Although insurance companies do not impose surcharges for not at fault accidents, the overall rates tend to be higher when any accident shows up in a claims history report. On the other hand, at fault accidents will result in a surcharge. As a result, rates for policies with at fault accidents will see the greatest impact.

What is the next step when deciding to file an insurance claim?

Another thing to consider is calling your insurance agent to get a requote on car insurance San Antonio. For example, a customer called me yesterday with this situation. In her case, she was involved in a small fender bender in a grocery store parking lot. Although it was undetermined who was at fault, which we could leave for another blog, the damages to her bumper were over $2,500! In her situation, the cost of car insurance with her current policy did not change if it was rated a not at fault accident. On the other hand, if it had been an at fault accident the rate went up by over $100 per month! Thus, she filed the car insurance claim.

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