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RV Insurance in Texas

Having a recreational vehicle is a great way to have a place to stay as you travel. Also, you need to have an RV insurance policy to stay both legal and financially protected against several risks if you own one. RV insurance is an insurance type that combines coverage for the vehicle part and the living portion. If you have an RV in Texas and need insurance on it, call us today at AlphaSure Affordable Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX.

The RV Classes

Not all RVs are alike. There are three main types of RVs, and each comes with its own classification that has to do with its design and size. A Class A RV is in the largest classification. These RVs can be 75' long and are often made from converted buses. This category also includes motor coaches. A Class B RV is in the category with the smallest designs. These RVs are often campers and trailers. The Class B design of the living portion does not reach over the vehicle's cab. RVs in Class C is made up of a camper section blended with a cargo can. The design of the living section does go above the cab. When you get your RV insurance, the class of vehicle you have has a lot to do with the policy you need.

Time in the RV

Another portion of your RV insurance involves just how often you use your RV. There is a big difference between a policy for an RV that is rarely used versus one that is lived in full-time. If you live in it full-time, your RV will be exposed to more risk, and the policy will be more expensive. How old the RV is and its make will also affect the RV policy you get.

Get Covered

If you own an RV in Texas, call us now at AlphaSure Affordable Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX.