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Who Is Responsible For Damage To A Condo?

Condominium insurance is a type of insurance that’s specifically designed to cover the contents of a condo unit. It protects you and your unit if something happens to your building or your unit itself. Let AlphaSure Affordable Insurance Services help you understand who is responsible for damage to your condo in San Antonio, TX.

What the condo association/HOA is responsible for:

The condo association/HOA is responsible for keeping the exterior of the building in good condition. This includes the common areas of the building, like the front walkway, sidewalk, and street. The association is also responsible for keeping the interior of the building, like the hallways and stairways, in good condition. They are also relied on for maintaining the exterior security of the building, like the fence and gates.

What you are responsible for:

Condominiums are shared properties. Each owner has a share in the ownership of the building, as well as the land it’s built on. Each owner is responsible for keeping their own unit in good condition. When something in your condo unit needs to be fixed, you’re responsible for getting the repairs done.

As a condo resident, you’re responsible for the things that happen inside your unit. This includes damages that happen as a result of an accident, including any injuries sustained by guests to your property. Likewise, in the event of a disaster such as a fire, your condo association may be responsible for structural damages, but they are not required to compensate you for loss of personal property.

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Your primary obligation is to protect the value of your unit and your own belongings. This is best done through an insurance policy. Condo insurance protects you and your unit in the event of a disaster. It also helps protect your unit in other circumstances, like if the unit was damaged by a crime. Discover more about condo insurance in San Antonio, TX with AlphaSure Affordable Insurance Services.