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Riding Safely in San Antonio: Your Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Insurance

The city of San Antonio, TX  is known for its vibrant culture, scenic roads, and thriving motorcycle community. Motorcycle enthusiasts in Alamo City are learning the importance of having the right motorcycle insurance to protect their two-wheeled investments. 

Licensed and knowledgeable insurance agents at AlphaSure Affordable Insurance Services can help you navigate the world of motorcycle insurance and protect your ride. 

Having Motorcycle Insurance is More Than Just a Legal Requirement

Motorcycle insurance acts as a safety net for your finances that helps to protect you in the event of a collision, theft, damage, or natural disaster. 

The amount of coverage you have per event depends on the level of coverage available in your policy. Talk to our trusted agents to learn more about what motorcycle insurance options are available for you based on the type of bike you ride, your driving history, and your previous insurance history. 

Texas Motorcycle Insurance Options

Liability Coverage for Motorcycles: Get liability coverage when you need basic motorcycle insurance coverage to meet state minimum requirements. 

Collision Coverage: This coverage extends liability policies to cover physical damages to your motorcycle that happen as a result of an accident. 

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance Coverage: Get comprehensive coverage when you’re seeking a total solution to protect you and your bike against theft, damage, collisions, and other unexpected perils. 

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorcycle Insurance Coverages: Smart riders add uninsured and underinsured motorcycle insurance policies to protect their bikes against collisions with drivers who have little or no insurance coverage. 

Looking for insurance in San Antonio, TX?

Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling experience that can sometimes lead to unexpected mishaps. AlphaSure Affordable Insurance Services can help you learn about your coverage options and offer you a free motorcycle insurance quote. 

Three pieces of misinformation you might come across regarding motorcycle insurance

If you own a motorcycle in San Antonio, TX, you need to purchase motorcycle insurance to ride legally on public roads. You also need to avoid misinformation about motorcycle insurance. 

We can provide you with motorcycle insurance and answer your insurance questions at AlphaSure Affordable Insurance Services.

The following are three pieces of misinformation motorcycle owners may come across:

Collision and comprehensive coverage mean the same thing on a motorcycle insurance policy.

Motorcycle owners need to understand how collision and comprehensive coverage are different. Collision coverage covers the policyholder’s bike for accident damages. Comprehensive coverage covers the policyholder’s bike for damages caused by theft or fire. 

It’s best to include both collision and comprehensive coverage in your policy if you want complete coverage.

If you loan your bike to a friend, your friend’s motorcycle insurance will cover any accident damages.

Motorcycle owners should be careful about loaning their bikes out to friends. If your friend gets in an accident on your bike, you could be held liable, and your insurance policy could be charged for the resulting damages. 

You should only purchase minimum liability coverage when you buy motorcycle insurance. 

While buying minimum coverage only will allow you to meet the insurance requirements in Texas, minimum liability coverage will not offer you a great deal of financial protection.

You need to purchase more than just minimum coverage if you want to be confident that your liability coverage maximums are high enough to cover costs you may face after an accident. You also should make sure you have collision and comprehensive coverage included in your policy. 

Give Us A Call

Get in touch with us today if you need motorcycle insurance and you’re looking for a policy quote. Rely on AlphaSure Affordable Insurance Services to insure your bike in San Antonio, TX. 

5 Common Motorcycle Claims

Accidents are unavoidable. But there are ways to protect yourself.

This starts with a personalized motorcycle insurance policy. Yet nothing replaces prevention. Awareness and diligence minimize the risks of riding. The best way to avoid serious injury is to spot threats in advance.

Luckily, AlphaSure Affordable Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX can help keep you safe.

Here are five common motorcycle insurance claims

Excessive speed

Motorcycles can reach top speeds quickly. As a result, reckless driving is a major concern. In fact, it’s the primary cause of motorcycle-related fatalities. Obey all posted speed limits. And, even more importantly, wear all safety gear, such as reflective clothing and helmets.

Objects on the road

Riding at high speeds also makes avoiding debris and other obstructions more difficult. Unexpected items, like rocks and trash, can deal major damage if left unnoticed. In addition to following speed limits, remain alert, vigilant, and ready to act.

Distracted Driving

Awareness is always critical. Cell phones, radios, and other distractions heighten your risk. Yet this applies to all motorists, not just riders. Every driver should eliminate distractions while operating a vehicle.

Poor Weather Conditions

The weather can’t be controlled. Heavy rain and high winds can pop up without notice. These reduce visibility. During fog and harsh weather, even the tiniest distraction can be costly.

Improper Lane Switching 

Intersections are another key area of concern. Improper or illegal turns are the main culprit. But lane splitting is equally risky. This happens when a motorcycle attempts to maneuver between two lanes of traffic.

Get Motorcycle Insurance Today

Any accident is problematic. But motorcycle collisions can be especially dangerous. Our team at AlphaSure Affordable Insurance Services in San Antonio, TX knows that motorcycle insurance is a necessity. We can find a policy that’s right for you. Schedule an appointment today.